​​Your Prime Suspects in “Murder On Maui”:

  • Harold (Albert) Logan:  The owner of the Pineapple Haven Hotel - it was part                               of his divorce settlement. 
  • Bambi Bianca: Harold’s girlfriend, or as she says, fiancée. 
  • Stella Capwell:  Harold's miserable & mean ex-wife from NY.
  • Mrs. Abigail Wiggins:  She claims to be an author, psychic and expert on                     island voodoo (hmm, is Hawaii known for its voodoo???).
  • Donny Wo:  A lounge singer.
  • Thomas Q. Magnus:  A private eye.  He and Abigail are chums and he’s here                      at her request because of her premonitions.
  • Rebel Hanukkaiiaihani: Harold's business partner.
  • Ruth Astoria:  Stella's daughter from her first marriage.

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Welcome to an evening of deadly fun!

It's murder in Maui - the most unlikely of places. 

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to solve a murder (or two).

Are you up to the challenge?

Who among you will become a cold-blooded killer? A victim?
Be warned and beware, it could be the person right next to you!


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When & Where?

To Be determined...stay tuned